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Research Research Field

Contribution of MFCC to the industry is achieved in many different ways, depending upon the characteristics of the specific forming operation. For steel industries, an emphasis is given to developing finite element-based precision on-line models for the prediction and control of roll force, roll power, strip temperature, strip profile, flatness, etc. Some of them have been successfully implemented in rolling mills, leading to substantial improvement of product quality and productivity. Apart from the research related to the control of metal flow, often conducted for steel industries in optimization of process conditions, such as water spray cooling, to control residual stress distributions in the product, on the basis of the MFCC’s advanced finite element process simulation capability.

MFCC’s contribution may be found not only in the related industry but also in the academic world. During the last decade, a variety of contributions have been made, especially in the area of computational techniques, including techniques for the coupled analysis of elastic and plastic deformation of several objects which are in contact with each other.

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